Dr. Corbett Riley, Chiropractor / Patient Advocate


Dr. Riley is passionate about people’s health and well-being. With over 30 years of clinical experience as a chiropractor, he has served as a primary care provider for numerous patients with a multitude of health challenges. Corbett Chiropractic is located in the Move Fitness studio. Discover how safe, effective chiropractic care can help you start feeling better today.

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Corbett Riley Health Advocacy - Corbett has a diverse perspective as both doctor and patient. He realizes our healthcare system is often too complicated, too confusing, and too impersonal for many patients. His private patient advocacy services help people navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Here are some of the services Corbett can assist you, or a loved one, with:

  • Accompany you to doctors’ appointments.

  • Clarify your diagnoses, interpret test results, and weigh your treatment options.

  • Locate respected specialists and hospitals specific to your individual needs.

  • Facilitate difficult decision making.

  • Communicate with your medical team to ensure optimum coordination of care.

  • Monitor your treatments and hospitalizations.

Call 530 913 0249 to schedule a free consultation. Corbett Riley Health Advocacy “Your guide through the healthcare maze.”


Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer-West

Certificate in Patient Advocacy, UCLA

B.S. in Public Health, Brockport, NY

Voted “Best Of Nevada County”- The Union Newspaper