Wendy Riley and Marilyn Rohrbacher are nationally certified fitness trainers and post rehab specialists.  Their studio is often referred to as an 'adult playground'.  At MOVE! we specialize in YOU in an atmosphere of camaraderie, support and encouragement.

"I'm 67 and I have always exercised, but now I am in the best shape ever. MOVE! is a welcoming and enjoyable environment and EFFECTIVE for both health and fitness." - Judy Seabridge

Our Team


Wendy Riley


Wendy is a co-owner of MOVE! Fitness Studio.  Her thirst for outdoor adventure has brought her to the fitness industry and MOVE! was created with this notion in mind…work hard to stay fit so that we can play hard, in both a fun and safe environment.  Through her life experiences, both personal and professional, she has encouraged and motivated hundreds of people all ages to find the best in themselves.  Wendy's professional qualifications include:

National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer

AAHFRP Post Rehab Certified

Challenge Ropes Course Facilitator

Founder of Moms on the Mountains – local adventure fundraiser

Majored in Recreation Rehabilitation


Marilyn Rohrbacher


Marilyn is a co-owner of MOVE! Fitness Studio. "We need to get moving, invest in ourselves and our health - and most importantly have fun."  She’s been involved in the fitness field since 1990, and her passion is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.  Marilyn’s professional qualifications include: 

Certified AFAA personal trainer

AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist

AAHFRP Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist


Kristen Dell


Kristen has a passion for helping people move better and feel better. Her original path for doing this was through teaching Yoga, because of the focus on alignment and being kind to your body. This eventually expanded to include all forms of movement and exercise, as well as nutrition coaching. She believes that the primary purpose of diet and exercise is self-care and builds programs for her clients based on that philosophy.

NASM Personal Trainer

Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

Precision Nutrition Coach


Tamara Gates


Tamara is dedicated to assisting others to feel their best!  She focuses on alignment, balance and core conditioning exercises that enhance agility and overall strength while having fun!

Tamara's professional qualifications include:

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Certified Dietary Counselor


Grechen Mack


Gretchen has been a personal trainer for 15 years. She became certified as a trainer and started working with clients directly after finishing college. Her love for exercising in the outdoors including running, cycling, swimming, and hiking sparked a desire for her to encourage others to reach their full fitness potential. She enjoys teaching her clients proper form with functional strengthening, core exercises and stretches so they can live a more pain free and physically able lifestyle. Celebrating the steps her clients take toward their goal is what makes personal training so rewarding for her.

Gretchen and her husband have two young children, who are also very active in sports and life outdoors. As a family, they enjoy being out on trails together, playing games, bike riding and swimming. By modeling an active lifestyle as a family, she hopes to instill that love into her children as well.

B.S Degree in Exercise Physiology, Chico State University

AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist


Denise Coward


Denise’s passion for exercise and her desire to help people, inspired her to become a personal trainer. She is dedicated to helping people get fit and have as much fun as possible doing it.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer